• Connecticut Chooses Liberty

    Connecticut gun owners are being impacted by the 2013 Gun Ban, much of which went live January 1st, 2014 and April 1st, 2014. Read More
  • Deja Vu and Misconceptions

    I have a page on a popular Social Media site as do many of you. Friends, family, those I choose to share with, share pretty much, equally with me. Now it pays to note, for purposes of this article, that "friends"(in my case) fit the following categories: those from childhood that either lived in the same small town and/or we went to school together; those friends that came along during my adult life-that includes some I've actually met in person and those from...

    Read More
  • Stand and Fight – Join the NRA today!

    What's happening RIGHT NOW in Washington, D.C. could spell disaster for YOUR guns and YOUR Second Amendment rights! One Million Moms Against Gun Control has teamed up with Tactical Offense, LLC to offer you an amazing offer! For every person that joins the NRA by filling in the information on the right, they will donate $5.00 to our cause. Simply by joining the NRA with a one year membership, not only will you save $10.00 on the normal registration fee of $35.00,... Read More
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